I started to explain Gann Theory in Financial Markets for 2.5 years by establishing my Education Consultancy Company. Over the years, after training over 500 people, a small program started to develop with different questions and different perspectives within the Metatrader program.

After ten thousand lines of code passed over the years, we started to develop this program using artificial intelligence supported cloud technology. By further developing the program we named Future Trend, which we created using the Metatrader infrastructure, more than 40 thousand calculations are made per month, A product was created, from which we extract data from almost every financial market.

In this process, we conducted certificate training programs at various universities. We organized training seminars in many cities. In 2017, the Gann Theory, which was never known in Turkey, was spread by word of mouth.

By catching the technology suitable for the requirements of the era, we have created a product that is easy to use with a simple interface. It will give us the convenience of monitoring financial markets with machine consistency every day with AI scan lists.

We will continue to produce technologies that will make our lives easier in financial markets.